James Harper


James Harper
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, RN

James Harper (Jay) is a professional firefighter/paramedic in Southwest Florida with over 34 years of experience in the field. Jay has been a paramedic for 27 years and he is also a cancer survivor. Being close to retirement, he has chosen a new career path in the mental health counseling profession, graduating from Hodges University with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2016.

Using both education and experience in the field, Jay would like to continue by offering assistance to fire, police, EMT’s, paramedics and first responders. Often these profession men and women are at risk of experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, family difficulties and addiction.

During Jay’s cancer treatment he realized the need for mental health support for cancer patients and their families. Cancer is a devastating disease that can negatively affect an entire family. Positive coping and mental health support is crucial throughout the entire treatment process including post treatment. Jay assists the community by providing the support and coping skills needed to battle this terrible disease.

Jay is a State of Florida Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern IMH #15916 maintaining supervision with David Llewellyn. Jay’s goal is to establish a positive client/counselor relationship built on trust. Jay will work with adults, adolescent, young adults and senior clients.

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