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At Spectrum Recovery Solutions our mission is help you develop your life worth living.

We do this by helping you to become more aware, to live mindfully, changing patterns of belief, thinking, and behavior to develop a conscious approach to living in the moment, one day at a time.  This creates a powerful and positive connection with self, others, and all of Life.


Specializing in treatment for behavioral addictions, substance addictions, and multiple addictions

Spectrum therapists are highly trained
in diagnosing and treating people with behavioral addictions, substance use disorders, and dual-diagnoses, from
an attachment and trauma-informed perspective.  We offer evidence-based therapy for individuals and their families, drawing from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, the Task Model, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the basis for our treatment model and informs and guides the therapy we provide.  DBT is
based on the principle that problematic,
or ineffective, behavior has its roots in extremes. DBT promotes four primary skills to seek effective solutions. These include: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.


Trauma-informed, attachment oriented therapy

Our therapists are trained in trauma resolution using research-supported therapy models. We understand that early life experiences set the stage for well-functioning adults, and that disruptions in the developmental process can result in ineffective coping that creates challenges to our self-regulation and relationships. We help identify and resolve these challenges.

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At Spectrum Recovery Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves a life worth living.  We operate from a focus on attachment bonding as a primary human need.  Attachment refers to the deep connection that develops between child and parent(s) during the developmental years.  Secure Attachment results in mature individual who:

  • Feel safe in the world
  • Feel comfortable in their own skin
  • Have positive regard for self and others
  • Know how to trust and depend on others
  • Are trustworthy and dependable
  • Recognize and distinguish healthy and unhealthy behaviors
  • Manage their own emotions effectively
  • Have the ability to stay present in the moment
  • Have the ability to delay gratification

We specialize in helping people identify and correct the patterns of belief, thinking, feeling, and behavior that get in the way of important life goals, satisfying relationships, and feeling good.  We identify, address, and help heal attachment wounds, and foster new, effective patterns of thinking and acting that support a life worth living.

Message from David Llewellyn, the Founder of Spectrum Recovery Solutions

Meet our Therapists


David Llewellyn | MA, LMHC, CSAT,           DBT, EFT, EMDR, & PIT trained

David is an Advanced Trained EFT therapist, and specializes in working with trauma and addiction. He is experienced in DBT, and working with couples in recovery.

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Alicia Allen | MEd, MSW, LCSW,                          DBT & TIR trained

Meet our Sexologist. Alicia is sex-positive, kink-aware, and bilingual (English and Spanish). She is trained in DBT and treating trauma with TIR

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Paula Harper  | RN, MA, LMHC, CSAT,              DBT  & EMDR trained

Paula is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She  is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and is trained in EMDR Therapy and DBT.  

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James Harper | MA, LMHC                          DBT & EMDR Trained

James (Jay) is a professional firefighter and paramedic, working as a paramedic for 27 years. He is dedicated to helping others overcome their traumatic wounds and works with children, teens, adults, and seniors.

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Josephine Kunkle

Josephine Kunkle | PhD, MS, MS,    Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 

Josephine (Josie) is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern. She has a PhD in Psychology and holds 2 psychology based Master’s Degrees, in Mental Health Counseling and Criminal Justice. She is TIR and DBT trained and specializes in trauma, grief, life transitions and anxiety.

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Lemy Chatelier

Lemy Chatelier | MA

Student Intern

Lemy is a highly-skilled school counselor with over five years of experience working in the local school system. He is committed to collaborating with individuals to strategize, re-adjust, and seek growth from recent life experiences.

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Start your journey to your life worth living by scheduling an individual session, a couple’s session, or a family session with one of our highly qualified clinical counselors today. We know that change takes courage, effort, and perseverance.  We are dedicated to using research supported interventions to help you achieve your goals, to help you create your life worth living!


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